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-If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. - Tony Robbins

Business Done Different Masterclass

More convenience, more balance, more time or freedom, more growth, yields or maybe even more fun. As an entrepreneur you always want to get more out of your business, in whatever area. Whatever you want to master, if you do what you already do, you get what you already got.

You will have to innovate, grow, learn, change. You can figure that out yourself, but if you want easier, faster and real change, you want to gain insight and learn the best tools and strategies. Unfortunately, you cannot see the same as the fresh perspective of someone else.

In this class I look along with you and your business for 3 days so that you quickly become aware of what you can change better and you immediately learn the precise tools and strategies on how to do this.

This class is an Empowering of You and your Business! And that will certainly ripple through!



In this 3 day Masterclass from Access Joy of Business, we take a deep dive into your beliefs, patterns, challenges and behavior with regard to business and money. Many of these automatic processes are unconscious; You cannot consciously use that which works for you again and you are unaware of what does not work and what you can change better. We look at what limits and hinders your Mindset, energy and growth, at your foundation under everything. The thresholds and limits that you impose on yourself come from somewhere and we are going to make them aware and change them, so that you immediately get more options.



These days we work with the Clearing Statement ™ of Access Consciousness and I also use and teach you specific tools and strategies from Joy of Business and Empowering Business. I respond to your uniqueness and that of your company so that change, tools and strategies really suit you and work permanently. This way you get the most for you and your unique situation from this Business training and you can create the life, the business and the money situation that you really want!

I use the 'All in Empowering Strategy', after all you are more like your business alone. Discomfort in one, wrinkles through in the other. As an Empowering Business Coach, Access Joy or Business Facilitator, Access Certified Facilitator, Naturopathic Therapist, Pedagogue, teacher and mother, it is my target to be able to look at you and your company as broadly as possible with everything I have in house, Facilitate and Empower you and your business!

What else is possible for you after that ?!



Take a look at the Agenda immediately


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Or call: 0031650254037



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For whom

  • This course is open to everyone. No prior education is required.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • ZZP'ers

  • Corporates

  • Interested parties

Condition for participation

No prior education is required


3 days from 9.30am to 5.30pm


  • Tilburg De Schans 128

  • Locations throughout the country, see the Agenda and the informative mail for the location of your course date.

Your Investment

E 1800, -

E 1260, - Repeatedly and 16/17 year olds

Free Children up to and including 15 years


The prices are set internationally by Access Consciousness. All official JOB classes in the Netherlands have the same price.


The price is excl. Lunch and incl. Course day, all necessary materials, extensive manual, audio of the class, certification, certificate, drinks and snacks.

After the class

  • You will receive a Certificate

  • This class will be officially registered in your name at Access Consciousness

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