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- Sometimes you have to change to stay yourself. -

About Empowering People

Staying with yourself, knowing what you want, being mindful. A vital body, sufficient energy. Many people strive for it, but it is difficult to really achieve it. Especially in today's society in which we often feel rushed, lived and stressed. We want to meet all kinds of expectations, keep up as many balls as possible and show others the best version of ourselves. No wonder we forget what we want.

It secretly takes a lot of energy not to be your authentic, unique self. As a result, you can feel uncomfortable, live on autopilot or miss the ease and flow in your life. Ultimately, this also has repercussions on larger matters: a relationship that is not going well, a career that crashes or your body struggles. Fortunately, you can do something about this.

Back to your powerful self
What makes your individuality so unique is that it is in you and in no one else. It is your Being, in combination with your enthusiasm, qualities and talents. With Empowering People I facilitate you to gain awareness and insight and to say goodbye to all the noise around it: learned patterns, rusted blocks and high expectations. Because I do not see Holistic work and mental and physical complaints separately, I can empower you in a natural way with your physical, emotional or mental complaints. So that you can choose and go your way in life with more ease, fun and power.

I believe in the power of your unique individuality and the contribution you can make to the world around you. If we are our unique, natural self and let our light shine, that ripples in the world. That is exactly why I started Empowering People. Contributing to this brings me energy and pleasure. Because if you live even more and work from your authentic you, everything will also go for you with more ease, pleasure and power. And how would that wrinkle again ?!

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- Even though I can't do anything with everything. I am still proud. Your different view of the world, wanting to help, has always been there. Do your thing with confidence. Daddy -

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