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access bars, access clearing, vrij, free, light, happy, blij, gelukkig
vrij, happy, geluk, access consciousness, lucht, natuur

- "You’re not wrong. You’re just different.” Dain Heer - 

Taste & Clearing Class

A 'Taste of Access' or also, tests of Access Consciousness ™ is for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the tools and techniques of Access and for people who are already familiar with this but want to delve further into it or get started in a targeted manner. want with a specific theme. They are dynamic and special group sessions of 3 to 4 hours with a specific theme as the starting point. As usual with Access, the afternoon or evening is really for the participants and follows the energy and questions.


What would you like to work on regarding this theme?

What would you like to learn and what would you like to release?


So there is no fixed program that needs to be followed, which makes the sessions unique and the participants present are central. We learn and use the Clearing Statement from Access to tackle and let go of what comes up . Depending on what comes along, other appropriate tools and techniques will follow that you can use at home.


Some themes:

-What is Access Consciousness, an introduction




-Conscious parenting


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