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- Do more of what makes you happy -

About Linda Verschuren

I am 42 years old and I live in Berkel-Enschot, North Brabant. I am a mother of 3 sons, I love (mountain) climbing, coffee and nature walks. I like to do things a little differently, I like to laugh and eat good food.


In 2007 I became the mother of identical twins. With this I see very closely every day that two people who are genetically and physically the same, each have their own character and strength. It reinforced my view: Even when we are physically the same, there is something about us that makes us unique.


I think that authentic, unique potential is the best there is. Because if you know what makes you distinctive, then you also know how you add something for yourself and the world around you. You follow your own path and make choices that are appropriate. That feels, in balance, in flow and powerful.


With Empowering People I have found my strength, enthusiasm and my way. I wish you that too.

What contribution can I be for you?


My background
In the years that I worked as a teacher in (Jenaplan) education, I was allowed to challenge and reinforce the uniqueness in children. Because of my innovative view on this and the opportunity I got to work from my own concept, I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in this. I have also always experienced contact with parents as inspiring. In today's society, however, parents are increasingly encountering issues where their child does not seem to 'rhyme' or has to fit into a box. Concepts, agreements, stamps and visions provide a straitjacket in which the child must function and are given more value than the uniqueness and the total potential of the child. Because of my vision on being human, this also became more and more difficult for me. This became so strong for me that I resigned. In this way I could continue with my mission to be a contribution to everyone who is looking for awareness, living and working from your powerful, authentic self.


Working with children shifted to working with adults. In addition to being a child, family and educational coach, as a Naturopathic Therapist and Nature Food Technologist, I increasingly taught and coached in adult education. With my International training at Access Consciousness ™, the Medical and Psychological recognized Basic Knowledge and additional training, I was able to learn even more techniques that match my vision and mission. The training I followed at home and abroad with regard to Business and Money Mindset completed the picture for me. I can now see the complete picture; Body, Mind and Heart. And that is completely in line with my Holistic human vision and enables me to work eclectically and pragmatically with ease. By being able to use my training, qualities, talents and experiences with Empowering People, I can do what makes me incredibly happy!


As an Integral Naturopathic Therapist, Life Empowerment Coach and Access Certified ™ Allround Facilitator I want to contribute to the awareness of the power of you. I believe that if we are our unique, authentic selves and let our light shine, then together we lighten the Earth. With your unique individuality you are a contribution to the world around you. With Empowering People I want to facilitate you to facilitate the release of both physical and mental blockages that hinder you. So that you can choose and go your way in life with more ease, pleasure and power. And how would that ripple through again ?!



- Hi Linda, so nice, how radiant you gave the course with us. We are happy that you, with your beautiful energy, want to connect with our center. European Championship -
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