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- “Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing” Dain Heer -

Access Bars ™ Class

What is Access Bars?

Would you also like to learn to give Access Bars ™ sessions yourself?

What was the last time you were completely relaxed and relaxed? Was it too long ago for you that there was some attention for you, without judgment or that something was expected of you?

Access Bars ™ are 32 points on the head that we gently touch during a session. All thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you in your patterns are released. It's like cleaning your computer's hard drive. After an Access Bars session, you have more peace and space in you and your head thinks less 'heavy'. Fears, insecurity, overstimulation, heaviness, etc. have less control over you. It becomes easier to choose and do your talents, qualities and what you want! What contribution can that be for you, your family, friends or clientele ?!


What do you learn in an Access Bars Course / Class?

In an Access Bars Class you get to know the Access Bars points and what they stand for. You also learn to give an Access Bars session independently. You will see a video of the founders of Access Consciousness and Access Bars (Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas). I tell you about Access Consciousness, the Bars and some other tools and techniques that you can also read after this day in the extensive manual and work cards. There is room to ask all your questions. In addition to Access Bars Facilitator, I am also an Access Certified (all-round) Facilitator, Naturopathic Therapist and teacher, because of these broad backgrounds together with my enthusiasm, I can answer all your questions and give this course in my own unique way. Besides the theory, this course is mainly practical. You will give a session 2x and receive 2x this day, so that you get to know the Bars in different ways. I will make your Access Bars course an educational, inspiring and pleasant warm day! How much do you want to learn and receive ?!


For whom?

The Access Bars course is open to everyone. You can use it to supplement or support your techniques in your practice as a therapist, practitioner or coach.

Furthermore, Access Bars are also very suitable for those who want to use it at home in the family, with family, friends or for themselves for rest and discharge, with overstimulation and high sensitivity (HSP), fears, stress, tensions, depression, heaviness and much more. .




















What is possible after an Access Bars class?

  • At the end of the day you will receive a certificate and I will register with Access Consciousness. You can then officially call yourself an Access Bars Practitioner and give independent sessions! You will receive an email with detailed points that have passed through the course day, tips and links. You can then see for yourself what you want to do further.

  • You can join Access Bars Practitioner Facebook groups and / or Whats app groups, where you can ask questions, find Bars buddies and get tips and tools.

  • You can participate in exchange evenings (swap).

  • You can take follow-up classes such as the Access Foundation Class.

  • You can move on to become an Access Bars Facilitator.



Look in the agenda for the dates of the Bars classes I teach. You can call, email me or click on the link below, or in the agenda, to sign up. An Access Bars course at your location? That is also possible, feel free to inquire about the possibilities.













For whom

  • This course is open to everyone. No prior education is required.

  • Therapists

  • Coaches

  • Teachers / Pedagogical staff

  • Parents (and possibly children)

  • Interested parties

Condition for participation

No prior education is required


1 day from 9.30am to 5.30pm


  • Tilburg De Schans 128

  • Locations throughout the country, see the Agenda and the informative mail for the location of your course date.

Your Investment

E 300, -

E 150, - Repeat and 16/17 year olds

Free Children up to and including 15 years

The prices are set internationally by Access Consciousness. All official Bars classes in the Netherlands have the same price.

The price is excl. Lunch and incl. Course day, all necessary materials, certification, certificate, drinks and snacks.

After the class

  • You will receive a Certificate

  • Can you officially call yourself Access Bars Practitioner

  • This class will be officially registered in your name at Access Consciousness

  • May you immediately give Access Bars Sessions

  • Are you allowed to participate in exchanges (swap)

  • Can you do Access Continuation classes

Kijk hier een YouTube filmpje: Wat is Access Bars?

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