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Relax, Release & Be Happy! (2).png
Relax, Release & Be Happy! (2).png

-Change your thoughts and you change your World - Norman Peale

Access Bars ™ Session

Access Bars ™ is a manual technique from Access Consciousness ™.

The name 'Bars' is a collective name for the 32 points that form energy channels through and around the head. During an Access Bars session, these points on the head are gently touched.

A full head with racing thoughts, stress, worry and fears ensure a lot of activity in your nervous system, including your brain. The electrical charge that arises from thoughts, emotions or feelings is stored in the Bars.

By activating these specific Bars points with touch, you get an effect that is somewhat like touching the - and + of a battery with wet fingers. The Bars runways and stored tension and stress can be released.

An Access Bars session slows down the brain waves, which contributes to a deeper relaxation. A full head with racing thoughts calms down and that has an effect on your nervous system. Your body can recover more easily, waste products can be separated better, food can be better absorbed and your immune system can start to optimize. All this contributes to a healthier and more vital body.  

Without having to speak, you can process traumatic experiences, reduce fears and stress, and see the world through different glasses. What contribution would a relaxed body and space in the head be for you, today or your future?


Running your Bars in an Access Bars session is a process that takes about 75 minutes in which you lie on your back in your clothes. With the before and after moment you have to take into account that your appointment will take about 90 minutes.


By running your Access Bars ™ you literally change the possibilities for your mind & body! Would you like to give yourself 1.5 hours for much more convenience, relaxation, energy and fun in your life ?!

Then make an appointment right away!



Access Bars ™ Consult of approximately 90 minutes: 130 euros


Access Bars ™ Combi deal (Bars + Verbal clearing or Body Process); treatment or process tailored to your specific request for help.


Institutions, employees or companies: for prevention of failure and organizational or team development, there are individual, combination or customized packages: quotation on request.





"Linda I want to thank you for the Bars session last night because it gets you moving!" HD


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