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- The only time anything is heavy, is when you are not being you - Dain Heer

Access Verbal & Body Processes

Access Verbal clearing processes

What is the Access Clearing Statement and how does it work?

One of the tools used in Access Consciousness is the Clearing Statement. This goes as follows:


Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, Poc & Pod, all 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds


The weight of our past often limits us in the present. The backpack that is filled with experiences from upbringing and your past can hinder and limit us in the now. Often you are not aware of this and if you are aware of it it turns out to be difficult to really change it. That's because our thinking is only a small part of who and what we really are. If you want real change, transformation works most dynamically in all layers of you.


With the Verbal clearing process, the Clearing Statement, this becomes easy and we can immediately 'clear' (let go) that load. If you change something in the energy, it ripples through in the emotional, physical, but also in behavior and patterns. You really become free from the places where you have fixed your life (energy).

How much space would it give you if the problem's load is gone? What possibilities would that give you if you want to work on something? What would it mean to you if the load of the past, your backpack, were much lighter? You just have to choose it.


Just like in a coaching session, we engage in conversation. I use various facilitating techniques to get into asking, perceiving and choosing. I ask questions to direct your attention to the places where you have captured your life. Asking questions raises the charge, the energy. We can clear this charge, let go.

You don't have to understand it all to make it work. There are often no words to be found, when the load is gone you immediately notice a difference. It is lighter, more spacious, it gives a 'this is right' or 'coming home' feeling. With the theme that has been cleared you have less load, you no longer get stuck in it, you stop thinking in circles. We can now quickly and easily look further into what else is not working for you and would like to let go.

I use the Clearing statement in Private sessions, Access Bars class and with the 4 day Access Foundation we take a deep dive into more of you and work with this quick and easy tool. What contribution could the Clearing Statement be for you?






Watch a video of Dr. Dain Heer: What is the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement?

Body (body) processes

Access Consciousness ™ Body Processes consists of different techniques in which hands are placed on the body to activate a certain energy. These processes return the body to its original functionality and activate the self-healing capacity.

A session with body processes is completely tailored to the individual, uniquely. Depending on the question or the problem, an appropriate body process or a combination thereof is chosen. You lie dressed on a treatment table for 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the process).

There are body processes for:

  • strengthening the immune system

  • imbalance or discomfort with the body

  • being out of connection with your body

  • sleep problems

  • trauma / PTSD

  • pains in the body

  • skin problems

  • digestive problems

  • breathing problems

  • pain after a fall

  • concussion

  • scar tissue

  • and much more, feel free to ask about the possibilities!

Watch a video about the effects of Access Consciousness Body Processes by Dr. Jackie Bell

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