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“- All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.” Gary Douglas -

Access Consciousness ™

Access Consciousness ™ is a collection of a lot of tools and techniques that contribute to create more awareness. What if you are so aware, mindful, present, present in your life that you can change the drama, the challenges? How much space, convenience and freedom would that give you? The founders of Access Consciousness are Gary Douglas and Dain Heer and they want to raise awareness and give people more access to themselves. What if what you always knew or possibly thought somewhere, is actually possible? What if what you have to change to get there can be much easier than you thought?

The purpose of Access Consciousness ™ is to empower people to know that they know. Knowing what is true for you and being able to choose it despite other people's judgments and expectations, old patterns or the backpack of your past.


Access Consciousness ™ came my way when I had changed course myself and wanted to do more that worked for me. I had resigned from primary education and after a search I ended up setting up my own company. The traps and bears that came my way hindered and cost me a lot of energy and time. The first techniques I learned from Access Consciousness ™ were the Access Bars ™ and the tool 'Light & Heavy'. Things I've wanted to change for a long time changed quickly and easily with these tools to my surprise. It made me grateful and very enthusiastic and decided to continue training me in order to be able to contribute to others.


I became an Access Bars ™ Practitioner and Access Bars ™ Facilitator. After that I followed the international training courses and went to Amsterdam, Vienna, Milan, Berlin and Copenhagen. In 2018 to Rome where I obtained my title 'Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator'. This makes me an All-round facilitator in the whole of Access tools and techniques. After that I continued to specialize as an Access Bodyclass Facilitator, Access Joy or Business Facilitator and I continue to challenge myself with training and courses. I see it as an appropriate addition to my Complementary Therapy and the Basic Medical and Psychological Knowledge that I have studied.

Access Bars sessions, Access Bars course, the Access Foundation course, SOP session, Access Body Process sessions and courses are, in addition to the integration with individual courses, live or online among the possibilities that I now offer.

Check the agenda or contact us if you want more information or want to make an appointment.



Movie; What is Access Consciousness ™?

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