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Practical information

General Conditions Practice, Sessions and consultations


By making an appointment for a session in the Practice or a consultation, live or Online you agree to the policy and conditions below

Last Update: April 2020


General terms and conditions as on the Treatment Agreement

  • The Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO) regulates the position of the client in relation to doctors, paramedics and other care providers. Before the start of a session or treatment, we both sign a Treatment Agreement document and declare the client and therapist to adhere to and / or agree to the following points arising from this:

  • The client takes part in the therapist's treatment on a voluntary basis and at their own request.

  • The client has been informed by the therapist of the possible forms of treatment that are appropriate for the client and the rates of the treatments.

  • The client has been made known and educated about the therapy by the therapist, has been given the opportunity to ask questions and agrees to the therapy.

  • After the treatment, the client will receive a declaration / invoice by e-mail and this must be paid within 14 days. Payment takes place via bank / giro or is determined in mutual consultation.

  • When receiving the treatment, the client undertakes to pay the invoice for the treatment.

  • The client is aware that the cancellation conditions take effect when making an appointment.

  • In case of illness, the therapist reschedules the appointment and when it is no longer possible for the therapist to provide treatments, the client is referred.

  • The treatment or process can be terminated at any time by mutual consent.

  • If the client no longer considers the treatment or the process necessary or wishes to choose the treatment / process, the treatment / process can be ended unilaterally at any time.

  • The treatment / process can be terminated unilaterally by the therapist if she cannot reasonably be expected to continue the treatment / process.

  • The client has been informed by the therapist that she is obliged to create a file that, according to the law, is kept for 20 years and that the client has the right to inspect this file and to destroy this file. The therapist is legally obliged to cooperate in this, provided other laws apply.

  • The client has been informed that the therapist handles this file in accordance with the GDPR law (privacy law) and in accordance with the requirements of the professional organization CAT.

  • The client declares that he / she is aware of the privacy statement that has been issued on the website within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and that he / she agrees with the text.

  • If a complaint arises with the client, it is appreciated if the client first goes to the therapist with it. The client is aware that he is entitled to complaints and dispute resolution.

  • As a member of the CAT, the therapist is obliged to adhere to the professional code and she falls under the disciplinary and complaint law with which she complies with the Wkkgz (Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act). The practice and practice meet the conditions of the RBCZ.

  • The client has been informed by the therapist that she has a duty to maintain the confidentiality of client data.


Payment Terms Practice

  • Look at 'Rates' for an overview of what the different appointments cost.

  • By receiving the session, treatment or consultation, the client undertakes to pay for that session, treatment or consultation.

  • After each session you will receive the invoice by e-mail. Payments must be made within 14 days. In case of late payment, the statutory interest and administration costs may be charged. If payment is not made, a collection agency will be engaged. Additional costs incurred will be passed on to you.

  • The rates can be adjusted at any time by Linda Verschuren Empowering People. When you are undergoing treatment and these new rates apply to you, Linda Verschuren Empowering People will inform you there and of the relevant appointment at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • For an appointment at a location other than the practice room, E 40.00 per hour travel time and E 0.19 per km travel costs will be charged.


Cancellation conditions Practice

  • Of course it is possible that you (or your child) become ill or that an appointment cannot be met for one reason or another. You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance. In case of late cancellation, 75% of the costs of the therapy will be charged.

  • When the therapist is ill, no replacement takes place. The appointment is postponed.


Professional Professionalism Practice

  • Linda Verschuren is registered as an accredited HBO Naturopathic Therapist with the Professional Association CAT for the highest level (5) and the Professional Register RBCZ. For more information, please visit and

  • The RBCZ where I am registered as a therapist is affiliated with the European organization Efcam:

  • As a therapist I act according to the professional code of the CAT and practice and practice meet the conditions of RBCZ.

  • As a therapist I comply with the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) and the AVG Act.

  • I am registered as a Registered therapist with Disciplinary Complementary Care. When the client has a complaint, it is appreciated if he / she brings it to the therapist so that it can be looked at together in the first instance. If you are unable to reach a solution together, you can find more information about complaints and disputes procedure at . and


Treatment Practice

  • Your own targets and wishes guide the therapy. As a therapist I will always look for what is most helpful at that moment.

  • There may be an introductory meeting, followed by an intake interview to clarify the client's request for help and wishes and to be able to coordinate whether the therapist is the appropriate person or whether examination / treatment from another care provider is more appropriate.

  • At the start of the therapy, the client is informed about the treatment, WGBO (Medical Treatment Contracts Act) and the resulting issues. The client has the opportunity to ask questions and is given the space to agree or reject the therapy. A Treatment Agreement will be drawn up. To be signed by the client and the therapist.

  • If your therapy cannot continue for a longer period of time, we will look for the most suitable observer for your unique trajectory.

  • As a therapist I have a legal duty of confidentiality.





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