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Energetic Manual Therapy (EMT)

This hands-on method taught by DR. Glenna Rice DPT from the USA acts on the fascial or connective tissue system of the body. Fascia was first described in 1889 by Andrew Still MD, the founder of Osteopathy. The fascia tissue is an immensely strong and elastic tissue and can be found all over our body. From the smallest myofidril at the cellular level to in and around vessels, muscles, bones. The interesting aspect of the fascial system is that it is not just a system of separate covering, but it is actually one continuous structure that exists throughout the body without interruption. Wherever you work on the fascia, it affects the entire body.


Trauma, overuse, injuries, a fall or impact, scars, operations, but also stress, judgment and fixed positions, emotions, etc. can affect the fascia. It can solidify, become thicker and firmer, and create restrictions that work through the body noticeably, not noticeably.


By letting go of the limitations in the fascia by means of touch, by letting go of EMT techniques, by letting them unwind, the body can reorganize and ensure freedom of movement, reduced pain, improved posture, ease with the body. Space is created so that energy, blood and lymph can flow again with more ease, which activates the healing and resistance capacity of the body.


The great thing about working on the fascia is for me to be able to experience how this tissue shows (or actually feels) how everything in the body is interconnected and a whole. In addition, compared to other bodywork there is the starting point here to always follow the body and not force it. When the hands are placed on the body, the pressure is gently and slowly increased until a barrier is noticeable. It never goes through that. The body is given time and space until it relaxes, melts or 'unwind' there. The relaxation and movement is then tracked to the next barrier. In a world where many people regularly cross their boundaries with themselves and their bodies, I find working with this technique a contribution for my clients to not have to do that and to be able to be completely.


You can choose Energic Manual Therapy if you suffer from: neck, back or shoulder complaints, lower back or pelvic pain, problems with arms, legs, feet, hands, skull, head, jaw and much more.


During an EMT session you lie on a treatment table with comfortable, flexible clothing (no jeans) and a blanket. If necessary, it can be decided together in consultation to lift the shirt in order to be able to work on the skin of the abdomen or back.


Combination sessions with other things that I offer are also possible.




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