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Project 1010 Lights

In January 2020 I started ' Project 1010 Lights '. With a nod to 1001 nights, a book in which one story wrinkled in the other.

My target is to reach 1010 people with this project from 2020 and to inspire them to release 1 opinion.

When you have a judgment, you automatically shield yourself from anything that doesn't match that judgment. You see what you want to see and create some kind of blinders or walls. When the "wall" of judgment is destroyed / released, you can begin to receive everything beyond and the light that you are may shine a little more. If that ripples to someone else, in any way, we will reach 2020 people together ...!

"Every time you have the opportunity to judge yourself or someone else, and you don't ... Then you change the world." Dain Heer-

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