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- “When we allow ourselves to shine, we give others permission to do the same” Nelson Mandela 1994 -

Empowering You


With Empowering You I offer in my practice in Berkel-Enschot, on location or online, (Therapeutic) Private Sessions and courses.

I specialize in stress, physical and mental energy management, anxiety and burnout complaints, but read below what else I do.


Allow yourself time to reflect on yourself on your path.

Investing in yourself is also investing in the world around you, it ripples through. This is possible if you get stuck with yourself, or if you are looking for support with challenges in life. But also if you want to keep moving and keep developing yourself.



Empowering You is Empowering your head, heart and body:

Because of my national and international training, my talents and experience, you can contact me for both your physical and mental requests for help. We empower your Mindset with the help of different conversation techniques; you gain insight into yourself, learn to let go of what no longer serves you and you can change your behavior and patterns by rethinking. We dive quickly and deeply to get the 'seed' clear of the problem that 'overgrows' you. After all, when a plant in your garden gets in the way, you don't just want to trim the branches, but remove the plant root and all, to really get more air and light.


You are more than just your head and your thinking. We Empower your Heart by paying attention to the question what makes your heart beat faster, what gives you energy and what gives you meaning in your life. You will learn practical tools to make it easier to see and be in a world where a lot is expected of you.


Mental complaints, emotions and feelings; they affect your body. In your appointment you therefore also go to the treatment table to support the session. Access Bars, a Body Process, SOP, EMT or a combination; you will receive a treatment that suits you and your process exactly. This is how we Empower your Body; to relax, to stimulate self-healing or to facilitate letting go. I use the bodywork to support the session so that you have enough energy and you get comfortable in your head and your skin again.


With my broad backgrounds and enthusiasm, it is my aim to make a difference, by looking at you as a whole. Pedagogue, Natural Food Technologist, Registered Naturopathic Therapist, Life Coach and Access Consciousness Allround Certified Facilitator ™ are some of my specialties. I work with old, western natural philosophy, modern medical and psychological insights, psychosomatics and use tools and techniques from Access Consciousness ™.

  • I give you insight and guide you to a more connection with yourself and your body, where you are now and where you want to go.

  • I facilitate and inspire you to more awareness and growth. I teach you techniques and tools to get started yourself.

  • I put you in motion and invite you to let go of physical, emotional, mental or energetic blockages and to choose a life that works or suits you.

  • I Empower you and bring you more in balance with yourself and what life brings you.


So that you can choose and go your way in life with more ease, pleasure and power!


What is possible?

We choose and put together your unique process, based on who you are, what suits your life and what your request for help / complaint is. The foundation becomes one of the categories below or a combination thereof. Which one suits you?

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Private session


Personal attention in a 1 on 1 session in my practice, where we zoom in on who you are, where you stand / what your request for help is and where you want to go.

Personal sessions can be done separately or in a process and are always uniquely tailored to you, work quickly and dynamically so that you can continue quickly. Bodywork on the treatment table, counseling in conversation or a combination, we choose what is the most contribution for you and in your situation.

Make an appointment for exclusive attention for you.



linda_verschuren online sessie empowerin

Private Session


Be empowered wherever you are. With an online private appointment, wherever you are in the world, you can access exclusive facilities tailored to you. A one-time appointment or coordinated process is one of the options to get you where you want to be. It is a deep and dynamic dive to clarify and tackle all elements of your obstacle. You will receive a link to easily connect online, what else is possible now ?!



koffie, coach, coaching, sessie, online

Coffee Coaching

Live & Online

Is it time for some warm attention for you? Time for some comfort or looking for invigorating ideas?
Sometimes a brief spar with an independent person about a problem, complaint or question is just what you need.
Even then you can contact me. While enjoying a cup of coffee - or something else - I facilitate you to look at it from a different angle, and see possibilities that you may not see anymore. You quickly have room and clarity to continue.



- Grateful that I got to know you. I can do so much with your words. I look forward to the next session. YB -

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