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-“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”- Nelson Mandela

Empowering You: For whom

With Empowering You I offer Private Sessions and courses in my practice in Berkel-Enschot, on location or online.

Allow yourself time to reflect on yourself on your path.

Investing in yourself is also investing in the world around you, it ripples through. This is possible if you get stuck with yourself, or if you look for support with challenges in life. But also if you want to keep moving and keep developing yourself.

For whom

Is your body and life in balance? Are you good in your energy?

Family, work, appearance, loss, children, physical complaints and so many more themes in our lives present challenges on our path. We deal with this and respond to it based on expectations, judgments and ingrained patterns.

We adapt, want to meet all kinds of expectations and keep as many balls as possible. More and more people are becoming aware that this costs energy, that they get stress and / or physical complaints and that this actually does not work for them. What would happen if you could use that energy it takes for you now? For the life you would like and the contribution that you are? How would that ripple through again?


However, it is not easy to say goodbye to ingrained patterns and blockages. If we could change it ourselves, we would have done that for a long time, because we have often thought about it a lot or maybe even tried it. Usually we are also used to our complaints or we think we can continue for a while. But does that bring the life you want?

Letting someone else watch and listen is more dynamic, faster and easier. A different perspective, clearing techniques and practical Mindset Tools quickly provide a different pair of glasses through which you look, you will see more possibilities and it is easier to let go of what does not work for you. Together we create the change you are looking for.



Natural & Total Empowerment

As a Naturopathic Therapist I take a holistic view of you as a person; to me you are more like your body alone; mental, emotional or physical complaints are not separate, but linked to each other. That is why I also work eclectically, in other words: I use different treatment forms in a consultation. By Empowering your Body, Mind and Heart in their own way, we tackle what you want to change, from all sides and as efficiently as possible. Together we create the change you are looking for, in a dynamic and natural way that suits you and your life.


Empower your Mind : A different perspective, clearing techniques and practical Mindset quickly provide a different perspective through which you look. Your (self) judgment changes, you let go of what does not work for you and new insights provide breakthroughs and a 'coming home' feeling.

Empower your Body: As a Naturopathic Therapist I specialize in how we can empower your body with nutrition, herbs, natural lifestyle and how we can use that to your advantage. Learn to connect and listen to your body more easily. With a fit and vital body you have plenty of energy for your work and private life.

Empower your Heart: What makes you warm or happy? What gives meaning to your life? What gives you energy and what makes you shine? A vital body and an optimal mindset alone do not ultimately ensure happiness. Insight into how you can show yourself and be yourself without being hindered by others gives a feeling of freedom. By doing what makes you happy and what gives meaning to your life, your energy will automatically flow more. And so you empower your Mind and Body again!



With Empowering You, I am here for you. An appointment at my practice or online is an investment for a moment for yourself, it is an investment in you. It is there for everyone who wants to choose it. Whether you get stuck with yourself, your body, want to tackle challenges that you encounter or want to continue to develop yourself.


Is now the time for you? Step into you power! & Shine out your bright light or uniqueness!



Looking for an Access Bars Session? click here or look under the tab 'Access Consciousness'

Empowering You is there for you when you suffer from;

are out of balance

get stuck

lost yourself

little energy



tired and depressed

burnt out









being in your head too much

feeling too much or too little


physical complaints

emotional complaints


frustrations / anger

don't come out of a cartridge

adapting too much to others



live on autopilot

judgment of others

difficult to be yourself

struggling to stay with yourself

want to keep everything under control

things that happen at work

have too little time and space

don't get things changed

busy behavior

and a whole lot more

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More convenience, fun and power

I support, teach and guide you so that you can discover, grow and get back to your unique, authentic self with a body that is more balanced, vital and energetic. You no longer respond and choose automatically, but consciously and focused from and for you. You find connection and find connection with your strength and you can better deal with the challenges that come your way. That will guarantee you a 'light' feeling, because when you live and work from the person you are by nature again, everything will go with more ease, pleasure and power. You are and remain more balanced.

Make an appointment right away or check the agenda.

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