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- “Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing”  -Dr. Dain Heer- 

Access The Foundation Class

What is the Access Foundation Class / Course?

The Foundation class is a unique course and a 4 day special experience for anyone who wants more convenience, fun and abundance in life. The Access Foundation class is taught in more than 178 countries worldwide and is the next class after the Access Bars class. We work from the premise that basically everything is energy and will therefore look at the energy behind your story, question or concern. Such as the tangible charge, atmosphere and red cheeks that come up when you talk about an exciting or loaded memory, for example. This conscious but often unconscious charge creates our (automatic) patterns, actions and reactions. They hinder us from (easily) choosing and doing what we really want. In the Access Foundation we work and you learn tools and techniques from Access Consciousness to change that. And how would that ripple through for you again ?!


Be who you want to be, not who the world wants you to be.

Is now the time for more of you ?!

Is it now the time for you to be less bothered by insecurity, fears, your past, (self) judgment, expectations of others or whatever keeps you smaller than you really are?

Time passes quickly .. can you now live the life you deserve? What is possible for you ?!

In my unique way I dive with you for 4 days and we look at what restricts and hinders your flow and I facilitate you to get rid of it and to gain more awareness and space. We are going to look at your foundation under the patterns, reactions and limitations from which we usually respond automatically. I will not tell you how it should be done or how to do it and I will not give you answers, but I will guide you in such a way that you can step into it yourself. Because you know what you know and when it is right for you. When you arrive at that, it feels like a breakthrough, like coming home. You notice it in the space that arises, the whow and gratitude feeling and the discharge in your body.

These days we work with the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement ™ and you will be introduced to tools, techniques and body processes that you can use in daily life for yourself, in your work or practice. What contribution will that be for you ?!


Why a class with Linda Verschuren Empowering People?

As an Access Certified facilitator, Naturopathic Therapist, teacher and mother, I take care of these 4 days for you with enthusiasm, humor and warm attention to every detail! The space, the snacks, the facilitation, it has all been chosen to give you more space, lightness and receiving.

I follow the energy, am inspired by nature and work holistically and integrally (body-mind). You not only learn to give new body processes but I also choose them to support what has come up that day and has been released. You will receive an extensive manual and I will teach you the latest tools and techniques. I don't always sit still, I like stories and jokes, but I can also be confrontational and an invitation to look outside your comfort zone. So that you go home with more than you could have imagined or expected in advance! I wonder how that will ripple through again!

If that appeals to you, a class with me might be something for you. Or read more about me on the website or let me know if you would like to hear me in person. I'd love to talk to you!



Everything can change. Everything is possible. The question is, do you choose it ...?





















Condition for participation

An Access Bars Class


  • 4 days from 9.30am to 5.30pm

  • The study time you want to put in outside of these course days further depends on your interest.

  • 1 hour online meeting, 3 weeks after the live course on a voluntary basis


  • Tilburg De Schans 128

  • Locations throughout the country, see the Agenda and the informative mail for the location of your course date.

Your Investment

E 1400, -

E 700, - Repeat and 16/17 year olds

Free Children up to and including 15 years

The prices are set internationally by Access Consciousness. All official Foundation classes in the Netherlands have the same price.

The price is excl. Lunch and incl. Course day, all necessary materials, certification, certificate, drinks and snacks.

After the Class

  • You will receive a certificate

  • This class will be officially registered in your name at Access Consciousness

  • You will receive the audio of the class

  • You can participate in the online Zoom Return meeting

  • Can you apply the Body processes, tools and techniques directly in your life or in the workplace.

- "Thank you very much for the nice, attentive day" JN -

What can you expect at an Access Foundation Class at Empowering People?


  • 4 days of facilitation with the Access Clearing statement ™ and Access Tools, in a special, pleasant and light location

  • An extensive manual

  • You will learn the latest Access Tools

  • You learn to receive and give several Body Processes

  • Awareness, insight, choice, letting go of old patterns that no longer work for you, automatisms etc.

  • Warming, cordial, personal attention and pampering

  • Invitation to participate in a private Facebook group with your classmates, so you never have to experience your changes alone.

  • After the class you will receive the audio to listen to the class for further deepening

  • A free online meeting with the class participants after 4 weeks, to be able to ask you questions later and to hear how you are doing.

  • And much more!


What contribution can it be for you to choose a class at Linda Verschuren Empowering People ?! Sign up right away!


Look in the agenda for the dates of the classes I teach. You can call me, email me or click on the link below, or in the agenda, to register or for more information.

A Foundation class / course at your location? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities!

Watch this Youtube video:

What is an Access Foundation Class?

Experiences, questions and information; check it out!

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