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- Who or what can contribute to your business today?' - Simone Milasas


Empowering Business & Money Consulten

It is not for nothing that you are an entrepreneur.

You want to influence your time, happiness, income or ideas. You see the added value or have a dream or target that you know is possible and that gives you the drive to start and do your business. But with everything that comes to an entrepreneur, it is often difficult not to lose sight of those core values. You encounter challenges that make it difficult to continue doing business with pleasure, ease and sufficient energy.


You can unintentionally get stuck, not see all the possibilities, or lose the meaning. Other (personal) leadership is needed than you can now do yourself and it will be more difficult to choose, change or innovate. It can develop into more challenging problems such as; health problems, less engaged employees, less engagement with your customers, less growth or your business does not create as much profit as you know is possible.


A consultation is a live or online session in which I facilitate you, your team or staff from where you are, to where you want to be. In doing so, I use my insights as a therapist in the mental and physical condition of people and I use pragmatic techniques such as rethinking, breakthrough strategies and Joy of Business tools. A unique combination in the business world, which allows you to really look differently with Empowering Business.

A consultation can be one-off or in a process, depending on where you stand, what support request there is and where you want to go. Consultations are by appointment only and can be booked both live and online. Empowering Business offers not only individual consultations but also team consultations as part of an 'in-house' process within your company.


Empowering Business is Business done different. What else is possible for you and your business?


  • You and your targets make your company unique and different. Are you using that enough to your advantage?

  • Your mindset influences how you see the world, do you have a grip on your (unconscious) assumptions about business, money and opportunities?

  • Your values, norms and upbringing influence how you think about yourself, what you expect from yourself and how you interact with others. How strong are your (personal) leadership skills?

  • Nice in your own skin, relaxed in your head and doing what gives you energy ensure happiness in life and work. Do you have everything in order for a smoothly running business for now and the future?


Whatever it is that you encounter, with Empowering Business you choose a fresh view, a different perspective and a boost for you and your business.


Contact us for more information, for orientation or for tailor-made advice!



Business Consult 30 minutes: 100 euros

Business Consult 60 minutes: 200 euros

Team consultations and 'in-house' processes: price on request




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