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- What if business were fun, ánd you could make money with it? - Simone Milasas

Joy of Business & Money Class

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Are you already where you would like to be with your financial situation and your Business?

Take charge of your life, business and financial reality and choose facilitation, insight and awareness now! Change your Mindset and learn new tools and techniques so that you can go from where you are now to where you want to be easier and faster!


In this class you will discover what is really possible with your company and your finances from the Conscious Business shelf. This business and money class is not a course in the usual sense of the word. It is not intended to answer your business or money problems or dilemmas. Instead, this training empowers you through facilitation, rethinking and powerful strategies so that you can move beyond your challenges as an expert of your company. You do things differently. You have the space again to see more possibilities and to do business and deal with money in a completely different way. A way that works for you and that takes you to where you really want to go with your business and money situation.


Your Mindset determines how you see and function in the world. This day gives you questions, facilitation, exercises, tools and processes that will immediately give you a more aware and different view of the matter. What if much more is possible than what you thought for you and your business?


The Access Business and Money 1 day is a training of Access Joy of Business ™

As a Certified Access Joy of Business Facilitator I have received training from the founder of Joy of business himself; Simone Milasas. Joy of Business is a specialty of Access Consciousness and different Access tools are used with additional tools and techniques specialized for Business.

For whom

  • This course is open to everyone. No prior education is required.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • ZZP'ers

  • Corporates

  • Interested parties

Condition for participation

No prior education is required


1 day from 9.30am to 5.30pm


  • Tilburg De Schans 128

  • Locations throughout the country, see the Agenda and the informative mail for the location of your course date.

Your Investment

E 375, -

E 262.50 Repeat and 16/17 year olds

Free Children up to and including 15 years

The prices are set internationally by Access Consciousness. All official JOB classes in the Netherlands have the same price.

The price is excl. Lunch and incl. Course day, all necessary materials, extensive manual, certification, certificate, drinks and snacks.

After the class

  • You will receive a Certificate

  • This class will be officially registered in your name at Access Consciousness

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