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Practical information

Terms of delivery Course, Training, Events


You have registered for an (Access) course, training or (online) event. Here you can read which conditions we agree on. You have agreed to these conditions when registering. You have 14 days to change your mind. If you cancel the course and do not pay, these conditions will expire. The reflection period expires when registering within 14 days before the course date. During this reflection period you can wait to pay, after payment your registration is final, your place as a participant is insured and the Cancellation Conditions apply.



Linda Verschuren Empowering People will after your registration:


  • Inform you as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days, by e-mail about the course day (s).

  • For an Access Consciousness course, register with Access Consciousness LLC for the course you enrolled in.

  • Send you an invoice




The Access Bars Course costs E 300.00 and at repetition E150.00. The Access Foundation Course costs E 1400.00 and E700.00 at repetition and for 16/17 year olds. For the rates of the other events see the Agenda page of the website.

The costs include course material / manual and audio. You must have paid your payment for the course and you can transfer it by bank / giro to NL05 RABO 0106732072, stating the invoice number and your name.

You will receive an invoice as soon as possible. After payment:

  • Has your place been reserved as a participant of the course

  • By following and having paid in full for an Access Consciousness course, you will be registered as present in the course, no later than 3 days after the course, so that the course will be registered in your name.

  • The Cancellation Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions and the Conditions apply to the Course Material.



General terms and conditions Course and Training

  1. For the courses, calls and related events, the general terms and conditions as described here apply where applicable. When you register you agree to this.

  2. When you register you give permission to receive email and possibly telephone message regarding the course.

  3. By registering you agree and consent to the recording of audio of the class of call, that it may be shared with the students of the relevant course and Empowering People is authorized, where applicable, to use this audio without any to notify the parties. Furthermore, the Access Consciousness Audio and Visual release Policy is in effect.

  4. Participation in a course or call is at your own risk. Empowering People is not liable for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or materialistic damage. the course and course materials are in no way a substitute for medical or other professional advice. When you use the information from the course or from the course material for yourself, Linda Verschuren Empowering People is in no way responsible for your actions.

  5. The student must adhere to the house rules, general house rules and the location where the course is held.

  6. The student is expected to have an unbiased attitude towards fellow students.

  7. The student is expected not to share what he / she learns about other students with third parties.

  8. The student is expected to adhere to and respect the privacy rules of other students. This also includes sharing photos on social media, etc.

  9. It is expected of the student that if he / she is dissatisfied or has a complaint, this can be discussed as soon as possible. So that Empowering People can do everything they can to participate and try to solve it according to their ability.

  10. The student must have paid the costs before the start of the course in order to participate. If this does not work, this should be discussed in advance.

  11. To be eligible for the certificate, the entire course day (s) must be followed.

  12. Furthermore, for all Access Consciousness courses the



Payment Conditions Course

  1. After registering for the course you will receive an automatic email if the registration has been successful. I will then process your registration, I will send you the invoice and information regarding this day by email as soon as possible. If this takes longer than 3 working days, I will contact you to inform you about this.

  2. After registration you have a reflection period of 14 days. This expires upon registration within 14 days before the course date. During this reflection period you can wait to pay, after payment your registration is final and the Cancellation Conditions apply.

  3. Payments must be made by bank / giro no later than 14 days after registration.

  4. After payment, your place as a participant is insured

  5. Payment can be made later or in parts in consultation, please contact us personally.

  6. If, after consultation, payment is made in installments or if other arrangements are made with regard to payment, a Payment Agreement will be drawn up. The payment agreement is drawn up on the basis of the agreements made and sent via HelloSign (a legally recognized and binding E-signature) for signature. Both parties will receive a signed copy.




Cancellation conditions Course

  1. Of course it can happen that you become ill or that a registration for a course cannot be fulfilled for other reasons. You must notify us of this at least 24 hours in advance, but as soon as possible. You can then change your course date or get a refund. In case of late or valid cancellation, 75% of the costs of the course will be charged.

  2. When the facilitator is ill, no replacement takes place. The course will be postponed and you will be given the opportunity to choose a different course date or receive a refund of the course fee paid.

  3. If there are reasons outside the facilitator that prevent the course from taking place legally (such as new corona measures), I will contact you to let you know. You will be informed about the possibilities to reschedule the course or to opt for a refund of money.




Conditions Course Material

  1. All course material is included.

  2. For the Access Bars Course you will receive an extensive manual, a practical work card and an overview card. After the course you will receive a Certificate.

  3. Copyrights and proprietary rights in the course materials are vested in Access Consciousness LLC Stafford. By participating in the course, the participant agrees to this. The material may not be modified, copied or translated without the express written permission of Gary. M. Douglas. This material is subject to copyright, copyright and trademark registration for the United States, EU, Australia, and Canada.




Complaints procedure Courses

  1. As a Trainer I value your satisfaction and I like to be open to continuous improvements of myself as a course leader and the courses I teach.

  2. I will therefore ask for oral feedback in between and at the end of the course day. I can then take this input with me as soon as possible on the day itself or in the case of a multi-day course on the next course day. In this way I hope that you can complete the course completely satisfied. I therefore give a Satisfaction Guarantee; if you are dissatisfied and you have indicated this before the lunch break of the first day of the course and we cannot find a solution, you can stop and you will receive your full course fee back. You must hand in the course material when leaving the course. Expenses incurred do not apply under the return policy.

  3. As a Trainer I adhere to the GDPR law and quality and complaints care. Empowering People is affiliated with the Foundation for Quality and Assessment of Nature-Oriented Training Courses for its courses and adheres to its complaints procedure. If the participant has a complaint, the participant must come to the trainer as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after the incident to which the complaint relates, so that it can be looked at together in the first instance. If it is not possible to find a solution together, you can find more information about the complaints procedure at

  4. Complaints are handled by the Complaints Committee and Commissioner RFJA de Beyer Foundation.

  5. For courses that may not fall under this Complaints Procedure, the following Complaints Procedure applies:

  6. If the participant has a complaint, the participant must come to the trainer as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after the incident to which the complaint relates, so that it can be looked at together in the first instance. Linda Verschuren Empowering People must respond to a complaint within 7 days at the latest.

  7. If it is not possible to reach a solution together, both parties choose someone who can serve as an independent party for the Complaints Committee. These two persons together choose a 3rd party for the committee. For Linda Verschuren Empowering People, this is Max Niesen, Director of Herboristen Training De Sprenk, De Mortel. Available at

  8. The complaint must be submitted in writing and will be treated confidentially. The Complaints Committee must deliberate as an independent party and make a decision, for a maximum of 4 weeks. If the committee needs more time for an investigation, they must notify this in writing. The decision of the Complaints Committee is binding, any consequences will be dealt with as soon as possible.

  9. If the participant who submitted the complaint is still dissatisfied, it is still free to go to court.


Complaints are kept for 3 years.


Click here for my terms and conditions regarding AVG law / Privacy


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