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- Is now the Time to Empower your Business? -

Empowering Business

With Empowering Business I offer as a Registered Joy of Business Facilitator & Empowering Business Coach, nationally and internationally tailored Consultations, Trajectories and (Master) Classes. Where necessary, I combine my Therapeutic background and therefore broad knowledge about the mental and physical body of humans, so that I can offer a unique view of the matter for freelancers, entrepreneurs and institutions. Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Personal Leadership, Stress Management, pleasure at work, Burn-out prevention, where can your business grow?


Empowering Business is Business Done Different in all facets.

My starting point is that you as an entrepreneur, or the company, are the expert in his field. With the help of pragmatic Mindset tools, practical strategies, rethinking and a fresh different perspective, I offer the facilitation to get more out of you, your team or the company. Are you stuck or do you need to do things differently in your business? Is it time to work on your personal leadership or more happiness in the workplace? Do you want to innovate, see less stress or more opportunities and grow? Then contact us and discover what Empowering Business can mean for you in its own unique way.



Linda Verschuren



Live & Online

An Empowering Business Consult is a 1 on 1 session or an in-house appointment in the field of Business and / or money. It is possible to take a look once and where there is a need for multiple meetings, we tailor a route.

Empowering you as an entrepreneur, management, a team, project or product is central. There is insight into the obstacles, more possibilities become clear and you can get to work in a practical way by rethinking and the handy tools and strategies that I provide.
Fast, pragmatic and efficient.

The time and money invested in a consultation is easily earned back! Make an appointment right away!

Kopie van See Business as a playground o


Live & Online

Empowering Business offers various (Master) classes, training courses, seminars and lectures. These vary from half a day to several days.

The regular program includes the 1 day Joy of Business & Money and the 3 day Business Done Different Masterclass. Check the Agenda for upcoming events.

Complementary to this are constantly changing classes, training courses and seminars at home and abroad. Training on request is also possible. Feel free to contact us to see what suits you


Nog meer!

Live & Online

In addition to the Consultations and Classes, Empowering Business always offers new and inspiring things.


Online Calls, E-books, Youtube videos, Facebook Lives, interviews and Podcast.

And what else is possible?

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