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How nice that you have responded and are interested in

"Holy Moly Co-Creation!"

I believe you are only going faster, but moving forward together.


What if we can contribute to create more for us, the people around us and this beautiful planet ?! I would like to reach even more people in 2020 and learn the Access Tools. So that they can use it in their lives. Less judgment, more connection and awareness. What do you want to create in 2020? What else is possible if we start co-creating and how would that continue to wrinkle ?!


Here for you some information about the 'Holy Moly Co-Creation Project':


This co-creation is suitable for anyone who likes to do it!

I am thinking of people who want to get more out of their (Access Bars) business or practice. And / or want to create more awareness, connection and money.

There is room for 10 people who want to set up with me for 1 evening / part of a day of 3 to 4 hours. I facilitate an Access Course and you facilitate the space, registrations and what makes you happy. We both facilitate the energy of the class and the space, earth and what comes up in the run-up.

It is a co-creation and is therefore aimed at being a contribution to me and to you in various areas. Everyone is somewhere else so each of the 10 co-creations will be unique. In consultation we will see which course will make the most contribution. Think of an Access Body Process Class or a Clearing Evening with a theme such as: Money, An Access Tool, Entities, Stepping into You, Business, Relationship, Education or a theme from the Access Foundation or ??


So .. are you in ?!



What my idea is for you to get out of this;

  • A free 'course'

  • Easily create (extra) money. Because 50%! Is after deduction of expenses for you! Normally with Access it is 10% for a host.

  • Contribution to your business. Being able to give a (different) offer to the people / customers around you and use that to contact, attract customers for your business, etc. It gives you the opportunity to reach out to your network, to let you know about something that it has not yet been offered. You reach out to your network with what I have come to do. After a course I can refer to your services (eg you give Bars sessions, it is a huge contribution if people have had a clearing evening and then book a Bars session. You advertise me and I for you)

  • More Awareness, recognition and more received from you.

  • Be a contribution to a larger project

  • Expand your network with the people who know and follow me from my network.

  • Receive pleasure from creating and setting up something.

  • And what else is possible ?!



What I ask of you is;

  • Do you have sense, enthusiasm, time, commitment and commitment.

  • A space / living room / nice place to hold the course.

  • Can you have a drink and arrange snacks. (expenses are reimbursed)

  • Are you willing to share your enthusiasm and approach people, be an invitation and provide needed contact and information to participants.

  • Do you want to receive participants and to receive money.

  • To do what works for you and to stay connected and willing to look at the We and the big picture.

  • Openness to receive my contribution

  • Be you, know what you know, follow the energy.


The 'Holy-Moly-Co-Creation Project' is part of the 'Project 1010 Lights' that I started in January 2020. With a nod to 1001 nights, a book in which one story wrinkled in the other. My target is to reach 1010 people by 2020 and to inspire them to let go of 1 judgment. When the "wall" of judgment is destroyed / released, the light that you are may begin to shine a little more. If that ripples to someone else, in any way, we will reach 2020 people together ...! (Holy! Moly! Haha 😉)


Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciounsess says;

"Every time you have the opportunity to judge yourself or someone else, and you don't ... Then you change the world"


Does this pop for you?

Or do you have any questions?

Mail me your name, telephone number and the place where you want to hold the 'course'. I will then contact you.


Do you want to get to know me better first? Then look further on my website!



Let's spread the light!




Linda Verschuren

Empowering People

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